Carpe diem

Anastasia Retyunina
2 min readApr 21, 2022

Hello, my dearest. Probably not all of you will read this post, but I hope the love and energy that I’m sending will reach you anyway.

The thing I want to say here before our last lesson together, is that I love you so much that my heart feels both pain and happiness to say goodbye. For all these years, for all the troubles, jokes, rainy moody and happy days that we spent together I’m grateful and I’m saying it from the bottom of my heart. I mean it. The experience that I had is so valuable and precious that if I were given a chance to change something I would never change my choice of entering this university and being chosen to this wonderful and unique group, full of talented, smart, curious and kind people. The love I feel is so warm, if you want to imagine it, I have 2 colors on my mind: soft pink and soft yellow.

Thank you for teaching me every day. Thank you for showing what a group can do and how powerful it may be.

I cannot avoid mentioning our special department. Yes, it IS special and so unique. All of the people who serve for the sake of knowledge and language, I admire and respect you. You will always be in my mind and heart as those role models to which I will try to reach out. I cannot simply explain in words how grateful I am to have studied here, to be a part of our small American family.

Thank you for always making me think, reflect, feel, experience and many more golden opportunities that I was lucky to have here.

And now, a small present for you, or it may help you to understand my feelings:

“For My People”

Why does it feel so strange?

To say goodbye when you just started to change.

May I continue my path for now here?

At least for some time, when we have not disappeared.

These years seem to have gone

so fast and slow

Like a gleaming spark somewhere below

My eyes full of tears

And a smile from ear to ear

This bunch of emotions will not interfere

I strongly believe, that people around

Be better, be kinder, be smart and renowned!

I love you my dear, you touch the strings of my heart

I promise,

Those wonderful memories will never be going apart.

Thank you for being part of my life.