Having read some articles on the internet about the situation with drugs in Nizhny Novgorod, I can say that government authorities seem to work promptly on the cases connected with these illegal substances. Such facts make me hope for a better future of our country.

Moreover, there are quite many rehab facilities in the region and I really hope they’re working conscientiously and thoroughly.

Personally, I’m not sure what is my attitude to the situation with drugs in NN, but I would definitely add more social and public activities connected with this topic, to make people aware of the current situation and different effects of drug addiction that may prevent them from using it eventually. Public discussions are important as well, because shying away from this issue will not solve it.

As for the treatment, I would suggest providing more convenient, necessary and sufficient conditions at the hospitals and special facilities. Also, paying well to the medical staff will encourage them to actually want to help people with their diseases. (Unfortunately, this point is based on requirements of real Russian people)

The last point is about punishment, and it makes me feel uncertain, as I believe that those who consume drugs are punishing themselves.

Still, there are drug dealers. Thinking about their crimes, how they, without using dope themselves, make others get addicted, I feel unfair that this kind of crime is not considered as “killing” people. However, it’s not my job to decide what sentence they should get.

In addition, I would like to offer one interesting solution. Government, as a punishment, should make recovering drug users or those who has just begun to use to work in rehabilitation centers. Firstly, it would be considered as a community service. Secondly, it would play a role of a psychological lesson. They will see the real consequences and effects, as a result it could influence them and make them think over their lifestyle, maybe even discourage some of them at the right moment.

Remember, that we all should not be afraid to confront with similar global problems. Thus, such enforcements will be the first step to boosting society to lead a healthy life.

Thank you for your attention!

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