Long time no see

And where do we find time for such activities, especially if both of us have vocations outside the home? We make time just as we make time for lunch and dinner.

The main thing you might want to ask is, how can I make my partner do things I would like him to, or at least learn about my love language? The answer is simple: Love is a choice. And any partner can start the process today. I believe that if you care and love the person near you, you’ll be willing to change the atmosphere and act for the better.

“There is a third truth, which only the mature lover will be able to hear. My spouse’s criticisms about my behavior provide me with the clearest clue to her primary love language. People tend to criticize their spouse most loudly in the area where they themselves have the deepest emotional need. Their criticism is an ineffective way of pleading for love.”

The last one is Physical Touch and it is my primary language. You might think it’s about intimacy, but mostly no, any physical touch or hugs will convey the same amount of love. How the author uses the example: “To touch my body is to touch me. To withdraw from my body is to distance yourself from me emotionally.”



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