Memerise continues

Anastasia Retyunina
1 min readDec 8, 2021

Hello! While I have time I decided to write a post as a way of “taking a rest” from our teaching practice documents that we have to submit this week.

So, here are new words from my memrise “Hard Words for GRE” course:

  • complaisance — compliance, obedience (willingness to please others by being polite and fitting with their plans)
  • countenance — foster, advocate, face (approval) that’s a really interesting word
  • decry — denounce, deplore, condemn (to critisize sth as bad, without value, or unnecessary)
  • docile — pliable, malleable, complaisant (here is more about the synonyms)
  • incipient — inchoate,initial

And here is the screenshot with my results so far. (I’ve almost completed the 3rd level and now I can say I spot the word from this course almost everywhere)

Actually I don’t see the point in posting my reports on this course, because it feels strange to show “factual” results but not real…so, maybe I’ll stop writing about it. (but yes I’ll continue doing it every day hoping that someday it’ll come into my life)

Thank you!