“Memrise” after 2 more weeks

Anastasia Retyunina
2 min readNov 28, 2021

Hello everyone! Here I am again after 2 weeks that past…no, they flew like one second! I’m glad that even if I didn’t manage to write new posts due to the lack of energy and any resources, I still practiced everyday! Hurray! Now I feel really proud of fighting my laziness.

I came here today to share a couple of new words that I came across while practicing Memrise:

  • prerogative — exclusive right, privilege
  • hegemony — domination, ascendance
  • accomplice — abettor
  • abjure — reject, renounce, relinquish
  • fulminate — rail againts, lambast
  • assiduous — diligent, careful
  • dampen — make sth less severe,check
  • rekindle — reawaken
  • fecund — able to produce lots of babies, plants,fertile
  • turgid — boring and difficult to understand, a turgid writing
  • arresting — stunning, attractive
  • usurps — wrest
  • to be in command of (yourself) — to be relax and able to control your emotions
  • peremptory — a situation wich you thing others should obbey you
  • to prompt sb to do sth — to make sb do sth
  • tepid — lukewarm
  • excoriate — to critisize harshly in the public
  • withheld form — deprived from

And here is the screenshot with my results so far:

Thank you!