Hello there! Here is my report on Memrise marathon. >_<

Let me share some new words with you! (as there were also not really hard words, I’ve chosen only those which were completely new for me)

  • facetious — flippant, frivolous (not serious about a serious subject, in an attempt to be funny or to appear clever)
  • formidable — arduous, uphill, daunting (causing you to have fear or respect for something or someone because that thing or person is large, powerful, or difficult)
  • verisimilitude — realism
  • succor — abet (help given to someone, especially someone who is suffering or in need)
  • surfeit — excess, surplus (an amount that is too large, or is more than is needed)

And here is the screenshot with my results. (I really liked this new style after I opened Memrise in GoogleChrome)

Thank you for your attention!